How To Get Amazon Pay Gift voucher From Zestmoney

You can now buy a gift card/ gift voucher from your favourite brands like Amazon or Flipkart using ZestMoney.

Here are a few simple steps on how to buy a gift card with ZestMoney:

⚡ Choose the brand you want to gift a voucher from on the ZestMoney app and select the ‘Create Voucher’ option.

⚡ Enter the amount for which you want to create the voucher and select a repayment plan that works best for you. We have plenty of no-cost payment options you can choose here before you proceed!

⚡ The gift card number and pin number will be sent to your mobile number and will also be shown once the voucher is created.

⚡ You can select the option of ‘Gift Card/Voucher’ at the checkout page and enter the voucher number and pin to avail.

⚡ Your gift voucher is now ready to be gifted!

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